December 27, 2019

Chris Moorman Like You’ve Never Heard Him | Ep: 1

Kara Scott's first guest is Chris Moorman, the most successful online poker tournament player of all time. You may have heard other interviews with the man they call Moorman1 but we can guarantee you haven't heard one like this.

Kara is using a modified version of the questions developed by psychologist Arthur Aron of Stony Brook University. Aron designed the questions to see if he could make two people fall in love and although romance isn't the goal of this podcast, vulnerability and authenticity definitely are.

Moorman tells stories he's never told before and opens up about his life on and off the poker felt.

Listen to the first episode of The Heart of Poker Podcast with Kara Scott to get to know Chris Moorman like you never have before. Subscribe to the podcast for new episodes with the world's most interesting poker players, coming soon.

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