We're so excited to welcome American poker pro and entrepreneur Faraz Jaka to the Heart of Poker. Faraz is an outstanding candidate for this podcast. He's intelligent, thoughtful and has more interesting experiences every year than a lot of people capture in a decade.

If you've listened to the show before, you know it's not your average poker interview. Our goal is to get to know the people behind the poker faces. Faraz has a killer poker face but he wasn't afraid to take it off for this in-depth conversation with Kara Scott.

Faraz has racked up almost $7 million in tournament winnings but, as you'll find out, his most interesting experiences happened away from the poker table.

They cover a lot of ground, thanks to truly probing and personal questions. Listen to the full episode and check out previous episodes with poker pros including Barny Boatman, Brad Owen, Vanessa Selbst, Maria Ho, Chris Moorman, Dominik Nitsche and more.

British poker legend Barny Boatman doesn't always open up in interviews, which is why this episode of The Heart of Poker is so special.

To put it mildly, Boatman has seen a thing or two during his decades as a poker pro. It turns out that his personal life was just as varied and compelling.

According to Wikipedia, Boatman has worked as a bartender, builder, English teacher, journalist, computer programmer, and as a legal advisor in Bermondsey, where he never lost a trial. It's hard to imagine that the real story is even more interesting.

Kara and Barny go way back and you can tell there's a lot of trust there right away. Boatman gets personal in a way that we haven't seen in other interviews.

The questions, designed by psychologist Arthur Aron and tweaked by Kara, cut right to the core. Listen to the full podcast and make sure to check out previous episodes with other poker greats including Chris Moorman, Maria Ho, Brad Owen, Vanessa Selbst, David Williams, Dominik Nitsche and Danielle Andersen.

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You might think you know poker pro Danielle Andersen. After all, her life was explored in-depth in the documentary Bet, Raise, Fold. We love that documentary but with all due respect (and humility), this podcast episode is 1,000 times better.

Kara and Danielle have been friends for a long time and their familiarity with and trust in each other is obvious right from the jump. This conversation goes deep and wide, tackling personal issues that are often approached in the context of the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Danielle Andersen's poker playing is usually the focus of her interviews and it's refreshing to hear her speak from the heart about the things that are most important to her. The Heart of Poker format is designed to help us get to know the people behind the poker face, and this interview definitely delivers.

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Dominik Nitsche and Kara Scott have known each other for a long time which is probably why this episode of the Heart of Poker is instantly one of the most candid so far.

The high-stakes tournament pro has a lot to say and for once, not much of it is directly about poker. Dominik opens up on a long list of topics, some of which he's never talked about in interviews before.

Stories, honest feelings and opinions, even life advice for Kara Scott herself are all included. Listen to the full episode and subscribe to the Heart of Poker podcast for in-depth introspection with the most interesting characters in the poker world.

Kara Scott's next guest on the Heart of Poker Podcast is David Williams. If you've followed his career, you'll know that Williams is anything but boring. He was runner-up in the 2004 WSOP Main Event and a finalist on Season 7 of Masterchef. In this interview we learned that he's also very comfortable participating in deep conversations.

Kara and David cover a lot of ground. The questions range from funny and introspective to probing and serious. For example, when asked if he could use a crystal ball to find out the answer to his life's greatest mystery, David goes into detail about how he was disqualified from the 2001 Magic: The Gather World Championships for using marked cards, an allegation he denies to this day.

Listen to the full episode to get to know David Williams like you never have before and check out previous interviews with Vanessa Selbst, Maria Ho, Brad Owen and Chris Moorman.

In the fourth episode of The Heart of Poker Podcast, Kara Scott interviews poker VLogger extraordinaire Brad Owen. Brad's poker YouTube channel has almost 200,000 subscribers and his videos get millions of views so he's no stranger to opening up to the audience. Nevertheless, this is far and away Brad's most personal and revealing interview ever.

Kara has tweaked the questions developed by psychologist Arthur Aron in order to fast-track a deep and authentic connection with her guests. Its safe to say that it worked. Brad opens up about the rap song he's writing about his most embarrassing moment, his cat's perspective on poker, his most treasured poker memories, his dream of writing a poker movie, going broke and rebuilding, what's most important about his poker VLog and much more.

Listen to the full show with Brad Owen and if you're in the mood for more, check out more episodes with Vanessa Selbst, Chris Moorman and Maria Ho. Also, keep an ear out for new shows coming soon with David Williams, Dominik Nitsche and more.

If you're a fan of Vanessa Selbst, this is a must-listen interview. It runs the gamut from fun topics like how Vanessa would fare in a zombie apocalypse (horribly) to much more personal revelations about being a first-time mom with a second baby on the way, mortality, life goals and much more.

Selbst is one of the most interesting players in poker, hands down. She's a Yale-educated lawyer with almost $12 million in live tournament earnings and she has one of the most aggressive and creative playing styles of all time.

She's done hundreds of poker interviews during her career but she's never done one like this. For Episode 3 of Kara Scott's new podcast The Heart of Poker, Vanessa opens up about a wide variety of topics, both in and outside of poker.

Kara is using a modified version of the questions that were developed by psychologist Arthur Aron to try to hack intimacy and fast-track two people falling in love. Kara has modernized the questions and tweaked a few to make them more poker-specific, but overall the goal is the same: Try to create an authentic and intimate connection in a single conversation.

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For the second episode in her new poker podcast, Kara Scott interviews the talented Maria Ho! Maria has been earning a living playing poker for over a decade and she's done more than a few interviews in her time. We can tell you definitively, she's never done an interview like this.

Maria opens up about lots of topics, including her rebellious youth and her happy place which has something to do with her tush. That's all we're going to say here. You'll have to listen to the episode for the full story.

On the Heart of Poker Podcast, Kara uses a modified version of the questions developed by psychologist Arthur Aron. Originally, Aron's questions were designed to help two people fall in love. Kara is using them to create an authentic connection with her interview subjects so we can get to know them like never before.

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Kara Scott's first guest is Chris Moorman, the most successful online poker tournament player of all time. You may have heard other interviews with the man they call Moorman1 but we can guarantee you haven't heard one like this.

Kara is using a modified version of the questions developed by psychologist Arthur Aron of Stony Brook University. Aron designed the questions to see if he could make two people fall in love and although romance isn't the goal of this podcast, vulnerability and authenticity definitely are.

Moorman tells stories he's never told before and opens up about his life on and off the poker felt.

Listen to the first episode of The Heart of Poker Podcast with Kara Scott to get to know Chris Moorman like you never have before. Subscribe to the podcast for new episodes with the world's most interesting poker players, coming soon.